Monday This N That & More Adventures

 In some of my yonderings I had recently discovered a community art center wherein one can take free workshops in various arts. Last week I got to take one on painting and resin art. Most people did theirs on a provided canvas, but I chose to bring in a 12"x12" ceramic tile on which to do mine because I hope to incorporated it into a mosaic/resin art that I want to do around a mirror for my bathroom. Ambitious, I know!

This is how my project turned out - painted watering can (from a traced image; I don't draw well yet), decal applied to watering can, glass bits and plaster leaves for flowers, and covered with resin. Though I later discovered that the resin hadn't covered everything well (which I think I can fix), I'm rather happy with how it turned out and hope that I can take more workshops there.

Here are a few samples of other art projects that are being sold at the center:

When I saw this in the bathroom, I had to get some pictures because this is similar to what I want to do.

Another fun thing that happened was that all four of us went yondering last Friday, re-exploring a lighthouse, getting tasty lattes and lunch at a favorite coffee shop, soaking in gorgeous northern Michigan scenery even though not very green yet.

A week from today is when the girls move out, so it was fun to have an adventure together. 

We also had a shared birthday celebration since they'll be gone for my and DD5's birthdays during which we gave her the mug from the aforementioned coffee shop that I'd sneakily bought for her. She was thrilled.


So, I'm going to use the excuse of all that activity 😁 for not getting a whole lot of my goals accomplished last week. But, to be honest, motivation has been low. I think that has changed some and I'm ready to make things happen.

This week's goals (trying to keep it manageable):
* Declutter and beautify bedroom
* Mail DS's birthday gift
* Find/buy paint for DD5's bedroom which will become a playroom for visiting granddaughter & other         kids as well as a napping chair corner

Isn't she a cutie pie?!
*Get seeds started (don't neglect this one!)
*Prune as able (weather dependent)
*Set up mini-hoophouse

*Make DD4's birthday gift
*Journal Quilt
*Finish last little bit of Spring Stitchalong with Pinker n Punkin
*Resist (for a few days at least) starting Joy's Spring Mystery Stitchalong πŸ˜‡ Maybe later.

*Finish Little Men and do review for Classics Club
*Write Goodreads review of A Country Year by Sue Hubbell
*Continue This Too Shall Last by K.J.Ramsey (very good and helpful!)

There! Maybe I've made the list realistic this time. 😏

I also get to go to a young mom's home on Tuesday to help her figure out a creative way to make a sewing nook in a small house with a very active toddler and his two sisters. That should be fun!

I hope your week is adventurous only to the point of delight and creativity.


  1. Lovely post. Your are an ambitious person. I hope you can get it all done. Loved the picture on the beach, I had to enlarge it and study the rocks, foliage, and surf.

  2. What a wonderful craft and the mirror is beautiful! Looks like fun exploring and Happy Birthday!

  3. Wow, that mirror is fantastic. How fun to be able to take free classes. Wish there was something like that here!