Keeping Active

As you may know, living in Michigan these days has its ups and downs. Fortunately, we're not kept from outdoor activities, so since the weather has been more conducive to it, we've been hiking a lot, both on family land and on public trails. We've even gotten to meet our married daughter to hike with her. And a Biggby coffee or chai latte has been a welcom treat after the hike.

 I've made good progress on my One Monthly Goal of rescuing some dish towel embroideries and repurposing them. I'm working on turning them into a menu board wallhanging by sewing hooks into the blue squares on which I plan to hang cards of the day's menu. And it all ties into my desire to become a Trim Healthy Mama which needs more planning than just winging our meals.

But the really big project has been the creation of "Hobbit Hollow." See the window in the bottom left of the picture? It's an egress (fire escape) window for a basement bedroom, but the way out has been on hold for awhile now. With some of our stimulus check we ordered blocks and pea stone to finish it. And fortunately, my Lovey works a job that allows him to borrow equipment sometimes. So he completed the digging out of the hole (while I took videos to send to the young grandsons) and then he, 26yo daughter, and 15yo daughter went at the block-laying like crazy. Our new son-in-law and 22yo daughter helped a little, but had previous committments.

By evening, exhausted, they had accomplished all this. The flat blocks in the foreground will be a bench for relaxing with a cup of tea or the like. This will take a few more weekends to complete as they are figuring it all out as they go. I'm so proud of them!

Sunday was such a beautiful day that after our church's first attempt at Zoom Sunday School, and then sermon through Youtube, we had our meatloaf and roasted vegetables outside in our "Rivendell" backyard. Yes, we're nerds. Relaxing, hiking in our family woods, and Zoom small group Bible Study meeting happened to round out a delightful day.

I hope your days are going well.


  1. We too have been getting out side a lot. Feels so good. Can't imagine how confined I would feel if we were not allowed to go outside and get into nature. And what fun to work together as a family.


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