Monday's Musings and Goals

 It's hard to get a clear picture of this handsome fellow from my bedroom window, but if I tried to go outside, I'd scare him away (and I'd have to take all that time to bundle up). So, enjoy the pop of chubby redness amidst the snow and pine. He's nice company.

His bright color is such a pleasant sight during this long sunless spell we've been having while I'm fighting catching the cold that's going around and feeling lethargic.

But still, on to this week's goals...

* Make a big pot of chicken soup using frozen broth
* Continue this week's assignment of Joy's organizing challenge 
* Dehydrate more apples

* Continue research on meat rabbits and quail
* Empty shed as much as possible with snow in the way
* Assess seed collection and order any necessities

Letters to Write
* Aunt P.
* J.N.
* D.B?

* Continue APQ Challenge # 3 by moving more stuff to bookcase
* Baste Autumn Jubilee 2023?
* Finish crochet baby afghan if I can get more yarn
* Make progress on Everyday Embroidery

* Continue Dancing With My Father - Sally Clarkson
* Start Little Men - Louisa May Alcott
* Continue Irish Country Family - Patrick Taylor
* Start Beyond the Pellet - Boyd Craven Jr. & Rick Worden

Whew! I'm exhausted just looking at that list. I'm sure once I conquer this cold lethargy I'll be right at it.

May your goals go well this week.

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